November 18, 2005


  • Fortune magazine analyzes whether Judge Alito really is pro-business. Basically, they concluded it all depends on the issue. A Conservative judicial philosophy doesn't necessarily mean it is automatically a pro-business philosophy according to Fortune magazine.
  • Denver Post reports Sen. Salazar has some concerns over Judge Alito after meeting with him. The article also says, "Salazar said he did not know yet whether he would vote to confirm Alito. But he also said he did not at this point foresee participating in a filibuster to block the nomination. " Kathryn Jean Lopez also discusses Sen. Salazar on Bench memos. Washington Times also has an article on Sen. Salazar and judicial filibusters.
  • CFJ gets some attention in an AP article about the recent television advertisements to air over Thanksgiving. For a link to the actual ad see Curt's entry below.
  • In case you missed it, Sen. Allard said on CBS 4 Denver that he will support Judge Alito barring any unforeseen problems.
  • reports Judge Alito receiving support from African-American leaders.

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