November 15, 2005


  • According to the NYT, a liberal coalition of activists are preparing a national television ad campaign that moves beyound simply abortion but will attack Judge Alito on a number of issues including police searches, and employment discrimination.
  • Also in an a NYT article, Democrats are raising issues over a document Judge Alito wrote during 1985 while applying for a promotion in the Reagan administration. Democrats claim it raises issues about his supposed "extreme right wing ideological bent" on abortion, but Republicans argue that it only shows that Judge Alito can put aside his personal beliefs and base his decisions on the law.
  • Charles Hurt in an op-ed in the Washington Times provides readers with a strong defense of Alito's adherence to federalism, and conservative ideals. He even cites a few things from an Alito essay that show his disapproval of judicial activism.
  • Newshouse new services has an article expressing how Alito is a friend of practitioners of their faith.
  • The Hill reports that some Senate Republicans will use the Alito hearings as a way to discuss the War on Terrorism and the President's war powers, while Democrats will continue to try and argue that Congressional Republicans have shown no oversight of the President during the war.
  • George F. Will in Newsweek examines three examples of Judge Alito's rulings on the Third Circuit involving free speech. Will concludes that, "good intentions do not trump the Constitution." Score one for free speech if Alito is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

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