November 17, 2005


  • Human Events online has an interesting defense of Judge Alito from some of his former liberal law clerks. The article goes on to describe some of his liberal clerks and the deep admiration they have for Judge Alito.
  • According to a WSJ online, Judge Alito takes a different approach from Justice Scalia and Thomas, but through his respect for precedent Judge Alito can still write conservative judicial opinions that follow a strict-constitutionalist interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Here the Democrats go again, trying to "bork" another well-qualified nominee to the Supreme Court. According to a Massachusetts paper, the Lowell Sun Online, Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) tries to draw a parallel between Judge Alito and Judge Bork where there is no parallel.
  • Here we go again, the Democrats are signaling Judge Alito will have a harder time being confirmed than Chief Justice Roberts according to the Mercury News.
  • Reuters reports that Sen. Frist is ready to prohibit the filibuster if Democrats try to prevent an up or down vote on Judge Alito.
  • Ed Whelan provides an analysis of Judge Alito and Justice Ginsburg entitled Alito vs. Ginsburg on the NRO website.
  • Ed Whelan writes an article on NRO called Kennedy vs. Alito by proxy, which defends Judge Alito against some accusations of poor judicial ethics involving Vanguard Mutual Funds.

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