November 10, 2005

Round Up

  • Fox News poll says Judge Alito is seen as qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.
  • NY Times op-ed section has a piece exposing the flaws in the argument about "balance" on the SCOTUS. The "balance" argument is extremely flawed because its entirely arbitrary. How does one decide what the balance is and how to maintain it?
  • NY Post reports in a rather small article that Schumer thinks Alito may be within the judicial "mainstream." Washington Times also has a similar article, but adds that Sen. Conrad also enjoyed his meeting with Alito and will not support a filibuster of the nominee unless some "bombshell" appears during the confirmation.

  • AP reports that the lawyer who argued Roe, Sarah Weddington, will probably not support the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court.

  • Boston Globe has an article about privacy and the constitution. The reporter concludes the article with the words, "Griswold was wrongly decided, and its effects still poison American law and politics. But no Supreme Court nominee is prepared to say so. The last one who tried was Robert Bork."
  • Human Events reports on how out of control the Supreme Court confirmation process is and why liberals are trying to use old smear tactics as a way to stop Alito's ascension to the Court. Human Events also reports on Machine Gun Sammy's gun-shy supporters.
  • East Oregonian reports that Sen. Smith expects to support Judge Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court.
  • reports on Sen. Brownback's meeting with Judge Alito.

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