November 08, 2005

Daily Round-Up

  • The NY Times reports on the interesting history between Judge Alito and Sen. Specter (R-PA). Specter admits that the hearings will put him in a difficult position between his pro-choice constituents and the President and Senate Republicans.
  • Bruce Fein's commentary in the Washington Times suggests that the tide is turning in constitutional law and that the originalist thought that started with Ronald Reagan has not yet peaked yet and Judge Alito will only add to its growing strength.
  • An "No Nukes" on NRO's website discusses the damage a Democratic filibuster would do to Democratic nominees in the future but also the confirmation process as a whole. We would no longer have well-qualified candidates, but rather stealth candidates with no track record.
  • Human Events asks: Will Alito overturn Roe?
  • Findlaw commentary explores the "Catholic" and "Protestant" interpretations of the constitution.
  • James Taranto of OpinionJournal talks about spousal notification.

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