May 10, 2006

Unbiased ABA? Prof. Bainbridge has the scoop.

While most of the MSM is simply reporting that Kavanaugh's rating was downgraded, Prof. Bainbridge uncovers the make-up of the ABA Standing Committee that suspiciously changed its rating after some Democrats started alluding to a possible filibuster. Unbiased and non-partisan? Perhaps not.

"Just out of curiosity, I used the campaign finance database to determine whether any of the Standing Committee's members had identifiable partisan affiliations. Out of the 15 committee members, 9 had made federal campaign contributions in the 2002, 2004, and/or 2006 election cycles. Two-thirds of those (6) had contributed mainly to Democrats:
  • Roberta D. Liebenberg: $750 to Representative Allyson Schwartz (D - PA)
  • Kim Askew: $250 to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and several contributions to Mayor Ron Kirk (D-Dallas, TX)
  • Charles Thompson: multiple contributions to Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD)
  • Teresa Wynn Roseborough: multiple contributions to, among others, John Kerry, Max Cleland, and Wes Clark
  • Marna Tucker: multiple contributions to Hillary Clinton and Emily‚Äôs List
  • John Payton: multiple contributions to numerous Democratic candidates and PACs"