April 25, 2006

Weekly Escapades of the Far-Left: Moveon upset over Iran, abortion lobby distorts SD ban

The activists at MoveOn.org are upset about the escalating tensions over Iran. No, they're not upset over the possibility of an Islamic, totalitarian crazy man who might use nuclear weapons against us or our allies. They're upset that we may use nukes against Iran. MoveOn is circulating an online petition calling for citizens to sign and pledge their opposition to a possible nuclear strike against Iran (this is very disingenuous; especially since the government is focused on solving this diplomatically and has never even spoken about using nuclear weapons against Iran). MoveOn.org does not even attest to the obvious threat of Iran currently developing nuclear weapons and the anxiety of the rest of the world. Again, its the United States that is big bully and must be stopped. If you knew nothing about the situation in Iran, MoveOn's short article and petition would lead you to think this whole nuclear issue is about the United States trying to attack poor, defenseless Iran--instead of the other way around! Why MoveOn would circulate a petition with such an outrageous, unfounded charge is mind-boggling. The only method to their madness must be a propaganda campaign to accuse the Bush admin. of war-mongering, especially with the public unease over Iraq. Distortion for political gain continues...

In a letter to her supporters, Kim Gandy of NOW criticizes the recent South Dakota abortion ban and advises the Democrats to stop warming up to pro-lifers and end the recruitment of any anti-abortion candidates. Well, we know how well that strategy worked for the Democrats the past 10 years (it played a role in causing them to lose control of both houses of congress, the the presidency, and a majority of the governorships).

Gandy also cites a Democracy Corps poll that shows 64 percent of Americans less likely to support a candidate who votes for a SD-style abortion ban. Gandy is selective in her polling. Democracy Corps. is an overtly partisan organization founded by James Carville, Stanley Greenberg, and Bob Shrum (major Democratic operatives). Their website says they "born out of outrage over the impeachment of President Clinton when the leadership in Congress preferred radical partisanship to addressing the issues which really matter to American families. Following the 2000 election, Democracy Corps rededicated itself after the presidential candidate with the most votes and the most popular policy agenda did not become the President of the United States." Their mission goes on to say that they want to help shape and play a vital role in public policy debates. Clearly not the function of most reputable, neutral polling organizations.

So why didn't Gandy cite Rasmussen, Gallup, or Zogby? Maybe because their polling results didn't back up her group's radical agenda. A Gallup poll from December 2005 showed more opposition to abortion. By 53-46 percent, Americans viewed abortion as destroying a human life and manslaughter. Some 58 percent of all respondents said they thought "abortion, when the mother's life is not in danger" was morally unacceptable. Most of the polls tend to show Americans in support of limited access of abortion in the first trimester with restrictions (such as parental consent) and major opposition to abortion past the second trimester (such as the infamous partial-birth abortions). It looks like Gandy is willing to look past the "mainstream" position of most Americans on this huge issue...

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