January 19, 2006

Leahy and Kennedy Yawners

Below, Curt Levey has ably reviewed the Leahy speech, but I just want to quickly give my general impressions on both Leahy’s speech and the Ted Kennedy speech at the Center for American Progress this afternoon.

First, in terms of substance (and also in style), they were both complete yawners. Neither Senator had anything really new to say, although Leahy’s comparison of President Bush exercising his authority and duty to appoint federal judges to FDR’s court-packing plan was perhaps the most laughable charge to come out of this whole process.

Kennedy simply reiterated many of the same baseless charges the Democrats have been making for months, though he (like Leahy) notably left out any mention of Vanguard, CAP or Rybar. I guess the first two issues have already brought the Democrats enough embarrassment, and the latter shows them to be hypocrites when it comes to the “Alito-only-rules-for-the-big-guy” argument, since in that case, Alito did rule for the little guy. It’s just that that particular “little guy” was a gun-owner, and therefore not a politically correct little guy.

One thing interesting about both speeches was the lack of reporters at either of them. It seems the media has better things to do then listen to Democrats repeat the same nonsense they’ve been saying for the last three months. All that’s left now is to see how many red-state Democrats are willing to ignore the will of their constituents and take orders from Ralph Neas, Nan Aron and company.