January 14, 2006

Get Over It

Although the Washington Post finds Judge Alito's record "troubling" in various areas, its editorial supporting his confirmation make some great points:

"A Supreme Court nomination isn't a forum to refight a presidential election." In other words, Democrats, you lost in 2004, so get over it.

"The president's choice is due deference – the same deference that Democratic senators would expect a Republican Senate to accord the well-qualified nominee of a Democratic president." And the same deference that Republican senators showed to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was confirmed 96 to 3.

"The institutional self-discipline and modesty that both Judge Alito and Chief Justice Roberts profess could do the court good if taken seriously and applied apolitically." Apparently, even the Post has had enough of judicial activism.

"Supreme Court confirmations have never been free of politics, but neither has their history generally been one of party-line votes or of ideology as the determinative factor. To go down that road is to believe that there exists a Democratic law and a Republican law -- which is repugnant to the ideal of the rule of law." So shame on you Judiciary Committee Democrats if you all vote against Alito, as many observers predict.

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