January 12, 2006

It Takes One to Know One

TV producer George Schlatter was just on Neil Cavuto’s show on FOX explaining his theory behind the unfortunate incident in which Mrs. Alito was reduced to tears while sitting behind her husband at the hearings. According to Schlatter, the incident was staged for the TV cameras. He cited as his number one piece of evidence the allegation that, shortly before but not during the crying incident, Mrs. Alito was being blocked from the cameras’ view by her husband. When Cavuto asked Schlatter whether Mrs. Alito cried on purpose, he backed off a little bit from his theory, but still maintained that the incident was a brilliant piece of media manipulation.

Before you conclude that Schlatter is completely insane, consider that he was probably just guilty of projecting his own history onto the Alitos. You see, Schlatter is no stranger to using TV to subtly advance a political agenda. He was executive producer of the famed TV show Laugh-In, which broke new ground by weaving a liberal political and social agenda into what was otherwise a light-hearted, entertaining comedy show.

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