November 03, 2009

The Unconstitutionality of Pelosi's Health Care Reform

So it does seem that the proposed health care reform legislation currently being considered in the House is at the very least a federal power grab that would ensure control over the lives of many Americans, but may it also be unconstitutional? The discussions are beginning that challenge the legitimacy of the health care overhaul bill based upon the grounds that it offends the US Constitution, and more specifically, the Tenth Amendment.

According to constitutional mandates not only does the bill usurp State’s rights in favor of broadening federal powers, it also threatens individual liberty, delegates authority to the executive branch that is solely granted to Congress through the “enumerated powers” clause, and offends the Supreme Court’s Substantive Due Process rules that were implemented in order to protect individual freedoms.

Now is the time to stop this obscene over-reach by the federal government into the lives of Americans that threatens to undo for years to come the freedoms that have been granted under the Constitution “to the people.”


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