November 02, 2009

Resolution in Honduras

Stepping back from previous pronouncements of support for deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, representatives from the US and the Organization for American States (OAS) have agreed to let Hondurans decide who will run their country. This is of course a win for those who believe in the rights of sovereign nation-states to act independently of the international community in recognizing such things as constitutional law – and this is precisely what the Honduran Supreme Court did when they tossed Zelaya out of office.

While he was president, Zelaya proposed to amend his country’s constitution to put an end to presidential term limits thereby assuring himself the position for countless years into the future. But it was because of Honduran institutions, the Congress and it’s Supreme Court, that Zelaya’s constitutional make-over was halted and democracy in Honduras was salvaged. Read here about how institutional capacity has promoted the sovereign rights of Honduras allowing for Hondurans, not the international elites, to decide the fate of Honduras.


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