November 17, 2009

Abortion & Government-run Health Care

An article posted today on looks to further address why the current health care legislation working its way through the Senate should not include federal dollars to cover abortions – as the House bill did with the addition of the Stupak Amendment.

In addition to providing an overview of the history of abortion law, the author goes on to explain the legal basis for the Hyde Amendment which established Congress as the official entity that would decide whether or not to use federal monies to fund abortions – so far Congress has been successful in avoiding pressure from pro-abortion groups to do so. Of course, this is why forces on the left would like to see this debate head back into the courts and out of the halls of Congress – which is probably where they would take the health care debate as well if they could. After all, why should the American people have a say in a piece of legislation that is going to substantially affect the quality of life - indeed even life itself.

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