November 12, 2009

Who Bears Legal Responsibility for Major Hasan’s Acts?

In an attempt to avoid labeling Hassan’s murderous rampage an act of terror, some in the media are describing it as your standard variety workplace violence perpetrated by a disgruntled employee against an unjust employer. In light of this position, it’s worth asking then who bears responsibility for Hasan’s actions – the Army?

The essential problem with this argument is that the Constitution requires civilian control of our military – this would then suggest that the Federal Government is the more appropriate target for any libelous action. However, in light of recent revelations of Hasan’s activities leading up to the shooting, a clearer picture of a disturbed and radicalized individual is revealed that necessarily refutes arguments posing the Fort Hood atrocities as mere workplace violence.

Naturally, calling it terrorism would then lead to a closer examination of the policies coming down from the heights of the federal government that dismisses any criticisms of Muslims or Islam as being intolerant at best and racist at worst. These policies, based upon our government’s incessant need to constantly be politically correct, point the finger of blame directly at the federal government for dropping the ball and failing to protect those Soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect this country.

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