December 02, 2005

Threat Matrix

  • Boston Globe reports top Democratic Senators are questioning Judge Alito's credibility. According to the Globe Sen. Kennedy said, "''The more I learn about Judge Alito, the more concerns I have. A credibility gap is emerging with each new piece of information." These types of comments are related to Judge Alito's omission of documents he wrote 20 years ago? Is he really suppose to remember all the documents he wrote or discussed while working for the Reagan administration?
  • is continuing the assault on Judge Alito's credibility with a list of issues they say the new documents have raised questions about.
  • NYT discusses the Democrat's new tougher stance on Alito. According to the article, Schumer said, "Certainly the chance of a filibuster is greater today than it was the day Alito was nominated because of so many new revelations."

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