December 02, 2005

CFJ Gets Shout Out in World Magazine

CFJ received some significant attention in World Magazine recently. The magainze discussed the on-going battle between activists on the Left and on the Right over the Alito nomination. The article agrees with Sean over the degression of the once honorable confirmation process. The magazine quoted Sean saying, " I think that's regrettable. But it wasn't the right that created this politicized confirmation environment. We're not interested in politicizing this . . . but we have to because the left insists on distorting [Judge Alito's] record."

The article mentions several other things about CFJ's recent activities trying to correct the false claims made by the Left about Judge Alito's judicial record. World Magazine mentions "CFJ's website carries a 27-page report that counters" their distortions. "And the group's Thanksgiving spots struck back at PFAW and allied groups for their broader agendas: 'They want to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and are fighting school choice,' the voiceover goes. 'They support . . . partial-birth abortion. They are trying to redefine traditional marriage and promote voting rights for convicted felons. . . . Do these groups represent you?'"

Click here to see the full article.

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