December 30, 2005

More Testimonials for Alito

More testimonials regarding Alito’s ability to distance himself from his personal feelings while doing his job. From The Washington Post:
    Former students said in interviews that Alito was friendly but reserved: the type of professor you would like to have a beer with after class but never did. And yes, his conservatism was well known but was never in evidence in the classroom, they said.

    "The judge kind of took it all in. He never imposed his beliefs as much as there were times when he could have. I didn't understand that then, that a judge shouldn't be discussing feelings. Times I wanted him to inject his thought process and opinion, and it just didn't happen. He'd answer a question with a question, which showed his interest in probing the issues and our thoughts," said former student Joseph Arnold, a Philadelphia attorney who also took the class in 2003.
The full article appears here.

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