November 04, 2005

Round Up, Part 2

  • Charles Krauthammer defends Alito's application of Justice O'Connor's prior opinions to the Casey decision. Showing that O'Connors opinions were often hard to comprehend; making precedent hard to apply in future cases.
  • The Star-Ledger of NJ has an editorial defending Judge Alito against any type of political label. The editorial says Samuel Alito has all the necessary characteristics of a Supreme Court Justice. Verniero writes, "Alito is uniformly viewed in legal circles as an experienced, intelligent, conscientious and honest jurist. If there are additional qualities needed for a seat on the Supreme Court, the burden is on those opposing him to tell us what they are and why he lacks them. "

  • NY Times reports on Judge Alito's belief that the separation of Church and State has gone too far, however, the article could not decide how this might affect the way Judge Alito would rule. Human Events also covers a similar topic concerning Judge Samuel Alito, and religious expression.

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