July 09, 2012

Soros Encourages UN Gun Control

George Soros of Media Matters is heavily promoting the United Nation's Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which would give the United Nations control of your guns. The UN has claimed that the treaty will not infringe on Americans’ “freedom to own” a gun. However, Joe Wolverton of Info Wars argues otherwise:
“The current draft of the ATT mandates that the governments of member states petition the United Nations for approval of any contract to sell weapons to any nation where there exists a ‘substantial risk of a serious violation’ of human rights. 
"While the end of reducing the abuse of human rights is laudable, the means to achieve that cannot lawfully include the requirement that the Congress of the United States ask for permission from the UN overlords before it passes a law, including one authorizing the sale of arms to another country. That is a direct assault on American legislative sovereignty, and an indirect attack on the sovereignty of the American people who elect the members of Congress who vote on such measures.”