June 13, 2012

Senate Majority Hinges on Four Swing States

The November senate races in Nevada, North Dakota, Maine and Virginia will be crucial to Republicans’ chances of removing the Democrat hold in the senate. Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post analyzes the issue:
“Two of the states are held by Democrats, and two by Republicans. In three of the four — Maine, North Dakota and Virginia — the competitive November races were made possible by the retirement of popular incumbents who would have been strongly favored to win reelection … 
"Republicans feel especially confident about their chances for a November pickup in North Dakota, a deeply conservative state...  
"Virginia, meanwhile, will present a key test of the impact of spending by super PACs, an unpredictable new force that both parties are grappling with nationwide. A flood of independent dollars is expected to sweep through the commonwealth in an effort to influence the grudge match between two titans of Virginia politics."
Republicans will link their Democrat opponents to President Obama and his declining approval ratings to sway voters to side with their party.