July 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

It comes from liberal Georgetown law professor Michael Seidman.
"Speaking only for myself (I guess that's obvious), I was completely disgusted by Judge Sotomayor's testimony today. If she was not perjuring herself, she is intellectually unqualified to be on the Supreme Court. If she was perjuring herself, she is morally unqualified."
Update:  GOP staffers question the truthfulness of Sotomayor's testimony.
"After a night of studying Sotomayor's testimony, Republicans will have more questions about what they view as her misrepresentation of her record. GOP senators know that Democrats are committed to confirming Sotomayor, and, with a 12-to-7 advantage in the committee and 60 votes in the full Senate, they don't need any Republican support to get it done.  But they are troubled by her answers, by her attempts to deny the clear meaning of her words from the past.  And that could result in growing, rather than diminishing, Republican opposition.  'We heard a lot of things that were not factually buttoned down,' the senior GOP aide said.  'If that's because she and the White House think she has the votes and doesn't have to answer, then some Republicans are going to be troubled by that.'"