April 11, 2006

Weekly Roundup of Escapades of the Far-Left

Daily Kos is annoyed with UNITE, SEIU, the Teamsters, and several other unions who have announced that they will support a third-party candidate over Rep. Melissa Bean due to her vote on CAFTA (the upcoming IL-08 house election is supposed to be one of the few swing districts in the country--it is also heavily Republican). Daily Kos laments that the unionists are stubborn in their stance on principle and don't understand how this race could make a difference in giving Democrats a majority in the house. Well, no one has ever accused liberals of being principled or steadfast on any issue--it all comes down to power and control for them, more so than the actual "progressive" causes they try to inact on the rest of the country. Dailykos.com says it best by acknowledging that one seat could cost the liberals the ability to prosecute Bush. That's what this election is all about for the Democrats. Shhh...they don't want you to hear that until after the election.

The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) is urging international groups to weigh in on whether the "racially discriminatory mandatory-minimum laws" in the U.S. violate international law. Now first of all, this press release by LCCR automatically assumes mandatory-minimums are discriminatory and the only shred of evidence they use to support this claim is that 80% of people sentenced under crack-cocaine laws are black. Funny how they don't even take into consideration that maybe one ethnic group or race may be more liable in one crime category or another--since actions and crimes in the real world don't break down niceley along mathematically equal, 50-50 white/black racial lines. What is perhaps more chilling is that the LCCR is so ready and willing to have our sovereignty violated by having questionable, unreliable international bodies judge us. Since when did international law supercede the constitution? Decrying tough crime measures as racist without any evidence has become a tactic of the left. This story has racism, the left's soft-on-crime tendencies, their reliance on international bodies to violate our sovereignty, and their subversion and disregard for our constitution and laws. All of these traits in one story--you couldn't have asked for a better description of the left!

After the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the Council of Conservative Citizens (largest paleo-conservative group in the country) a hate group, four libraries in the St. Louis area used their web filters (funded to keep out pornography and hate groups) to block the conservative group's web site. After the group filed a complaint, the library system declared that it has now unblocked the site. The group still plans to file a lawsuit against the library system.
Well, it seems that public libraries, our last bastion of political neutrality, has finally ceded to political pressures after acting on the rhetoric of one liberal organization (this last statement was made in sarcasm). But really, libraries practicing self-censorship? This seems to smack of hypocrisy and irony. Libraries protest and fight to keep out federally-mandated filters to block pornography, but they don't hesitate to block a conservative group from being accessed by adults at the library.