April 18, 2006

Weekly Escapades of the Far-Left: free movie tickets if you have an abortion, far-left fights to gain party control

In a story from pro-life oganization LifeNews.com, the Golden Gate offices of Planned Parenthoold are offering two United Artists movie tickets to anyone who refers customers to their clinic. With recent statistics highlighting the decreasing number of abortions, Planned Parenthood has began agressively marketing teenagers by free giveaways of iPods, movie tickets, and drawings for computers. They've also started a new "safe is sexy" advertising campaign on the popular MySpace.com and MTV network. Although Planned Parenthood publicly claims to want to reduce abortions and put more emphasis on birth control and safe sex, the MTV ads feature young couples about preparing to have sex and focus almost entirely on the "sexy" theme of the ad with scant reference to birth control or safe sex (this is only mentioned at the very end of the ad). Clearly, promoting sex among youth is the group's priority, without emphasis on precautions and risks (Planned Parenthood profits from abortions, and if the main emphasis centered on abstinence or methods of birth control, this would cut into their profits). The fact that Planned Parenthood is giving free stuff away to profit and sway teens to have abortions is disturbing to say the least. At the same time, it also says a great deal about Planned Parenthood's struggling financial situation, and the ever-declining abortion rate.

Daily Kos proves itself to be a bastion of far-left anger and demagoguery by labeling the group Coloradans for Marriage (working to get the Marriage Amendment on the state's ballot for 2006) a "hate" group. How tolerant and sensitive of him!

Daily Kos cites Clinton pollster Doug Schoen's observations that progressives are gaining influence in the party and "ultimately will prevail." When that happens, there will be those of us waiting and watching to cheer the end to the modern Democratic Party (either that or they remain functional, but irrelevant due to their inability to ever win national elections again).