March 13, 2010


A Maryland corporation, Murray Hill, Inc., is running for office.
Murray Hill might be the perfect candidate for this political moment: young, bold, media-savvy, a Washington outsider eager to reshape the way things are done in the nation's capital. And if these are cynical times, well, then, it's safe to say Murray Hill is by far the most cynical.

That's because this little upstart is, in fact, a start-up. Murray Hill is actually Murray Hill Inc., a small, five-year-old Silver Spring public relations company that is seeking office to prove a point (and perhaps get a little attention).

After the Supreme Court declared that corporations have the same rights as individuals when it comes to funding political campaigns, the self-described progressive firm took what it considers the next logical step: declaring for office.
If I didn't think Congress was going to do something stupid as a response to Citizens United all this hyperventilating would be hilarious. I await the same hyperventilation the next time the Court says corporations have Fourth Amendment rights but I doubt it will happen.

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