March 23, 2009

Re: Is The AIG "Super Tax" Unconstitutional?

President Obama has his doubts.  
"As a general proposition, you don't want to be passing laws that are just targeting a handful of individuals. You want to pass laws that have some broad applicability," [Obama] said in an interview broadcast Sunday. "And as a general proposition, I think you certainly don't want to use the tax punish people."
I have my doubts that Obama would veto any "super tax" legislation that comes to his desk.  He has shown a propensity thus far to defer to the Democratic Congress without question.  But above all, Obama seems to be mostly concerned with being popular.  With the populist outrage at the AIG bonuses and Obama's slipping poll numbers, it is hard to imagine he would veto the bill because he believes it is unconstitutional and risk a further hit in the polls.  

More coverage of the constitutionality of the AIG "super tax" here.

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