June 05, 2008

So Now It’s Down to Two

Though we don’t know who their running mates are going to be we do know that it’s going to be McCain vs. Obama.

I know that there are many conservatives and libertarians out there who have reservations about McCain. McCain and the GOP’s base have had their differences in the past. Conservatives and libertarians won’t always be happy with a McCain administration just as they haven’t always been happy with the Bush administration.

I know this not just because of what I read, but who I am and what I believe. I’m one of those on the Right who thinks that McCain is sometimes wrong.

But I also appreciate the reality of the situation. Currently, several federal appellate courts are narrowly balanced between judges who believe the judiciary should be “the least dangerous branch” of the government and those who think it should be the most active. Nowhere is this division more evident than on the U.S. Supreme Court where the outcome of cases often depend on which side the unpredictable Justice Kennedy joins.

With John Paul Stevens approaching 90 and 5 of the remaining 8 justices born sometime during the FDR administration, the next president will most likely have the chance to significantly restructure the Court. Who do you want that be? With all due respect to Bob Barr and Ralph Nader your choices are A) Barack Obama, and B) John McCain.

It’s time to make a choice.

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