March 20, 2008

A Gift to the Dems in '08 from the Anti-Alito Coalition: $150 million

It seems that some of our old friends from the Roberts and Alito confirmation battles will be contributing a great deal of cash to Democratic candidates for federal office this year. According to a recent article from the Associated Press, “A loose coalition of liberal and labor organizations expects to spend about $150 million this fall to push its causes and help Democrats win the White House and strengthen their grip on Congress.”

Several of these far-left groups are part of the coalition that took part in the distortions and outright smears against well-qualified nominees like Miguel Estrada, Charles Pickering, John Roberts and Sam Alito. Certainly, with this extraordinary expenditure of money and man-hours these groups will expect to increase their already incredible influence on Senate Democrats whether they can defeat John McCain or not.

For an in-depth look at who these groups are and what they stand for make sure to read (or re-read) this CFJ white paper from December 2005 by current CFJ Executive Director Curt Levey.

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