January 10, 2006

The Threat Matrix

Haven’t had enough distortions, lies and misunderstandings of the law? Try the Angry Left blogs:

AMERICAblog congratulates Kennedy on his disingenuous attack concerning the “Vanguard” case (in which Vanguard wasn’t even a party, didn’t have a financial interest and several independent legal ethics experts have found Alito did nothing wrong).

Over at MyDD, Chris Bowers regurgitates PFAW/AFJ talking points, distorts the Doe v. Groody case, raises the question of a possible filibuster (is that a joke?) and engages in typical Angry Left name-calling (Alito is a “liar,” a “freeper,” etc.).

At DailyKos, several bloggers are at work on the Alito hearings and yet they still can’t get anything right. See Mark Moller’s excellent post below for a real explanation of what “unitary executive” really does mean.

Atrios doesn’t seem that interested in the Alito hearings other than to claim that he’s a liar and linking to the other Angry Left blogs.

In other words, nothing new from the Left. They seem to have fired all their ammo and are hoping that Alito might say something during the hearings that they can distort. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth FactCheck.org just nailed IndependentCourt.org for using selective quotes in their latest smear ad. Lying liars!

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