December 22, 2013

Nuclear Option: Misplaced Conservative Outrage

Harry Reid's recent “nuclear” detonation left many conservatives in high dudgeon over "tyranny of the majority."   I recently argued that this contradicts the widely-held view that America is under the thumb of a corrupt bipartisan ruling class, viz.: (a) authoritarian reign by largely leftist oligarchic bureaucratic, judicial and media elite minorities over what President Nixon was once ridiculed for calling the "silent majority"; and (b) illegitimate domination by powerful over powerless minorities.   

Although Reid’s main goal was to pack the D.C. Circuit, justices were appointed to the Supreme  Court, long before his “nuclear option,” to rubber-stamp and provide faux legitimacy to metastasizing unconstitutional, legislatively created federal bureaucratic minority tyranny since the New Deal. Thanks to them, only the ruling class and "favored" minorities have rights, crushing those of the majority and "disfavored" minorities. Thus, quota discrimination has been imposed in violation of both the Constitution and explicit statutory language; property rights and religious freedom have been undermined; violent criminals have “rights” at the expense of the vast majority of law-abiding individuals; and, worst of all, massively harmful Obamacare has been legitimized in an egregiously disingenuous opinion written by a publicly threatened chief justice.

Reliance upon judges is misplaced. Ruling class Republicans have failed to exercise their existing power to block the tyrannical assault on freedom and representative democracy.  House leaders have blocked fulfillment of the very promise that made them leaders. If a genuine opposition party is not established, nothing can save the Constitution – or the representative democracy and freedoms that are the heritage of this country.

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