September 24, 2013

Dumbing Down the Courts

Committee for Justice president Curt Levey and noted economist and author John Lott Jr. will discuss Lott’s new book, Dumbing Down the Courts, in a conference call at noon on September 25.  The book is "a critical read for anyone who seeks to understand the judicial confirmation battles of recent decades," said former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese.
Lott’s book uses the largest, most detailed data set on judicial confirmations ever assembled to analyze both the reasons behind the increasingly politicized and protracted judicial confirmation process and the factors that determine a nominee’s chances for confirmation. Subtitled How Politics Keeps the Smartest Judges off the Bench, Lott’s book reveals that the brightest nominees have a reduced chance of being confirmed.
Mr. Levey will comment on the book based on his eight years at the center of judicial confirmation battles as general counsel and then head of the Committee for Justice.  Following remarks by Lott and Levey, the floor will be opened to questions from callers.  The dial-in number is 888-752-3232.  The call is part of the Federalist Society’s teleforum program.