March 29, 2013

Ted Cruz on Gun Ban

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has put progressives and their allies in the mainstream media in a quandary.  As an unabashed advocate of conservative, small-government principles who can’t be ignored, Cruz must be attacked.  And yet the Left’s usual lines of attack are unavailable.  It would be laughable to question the intelligence of Sen. Cruz, a Harvard Law School graduate and the former solicitor general of Texas. Likewise, no one can credibly call Cruz — who beat the GOP’s establishment candidate in a Senate primary and is the son of a poor Cuban immigrant — a tool of the fat cats.  And it would be virtually impossible to convince folks that Cruz hates Hispanics; he is one.
All that’s left for progressives trying to undermine Sen. Cruz is name-calling and distortion of the facts.  That is why there’s been plenty of both.  At National Review Online, Committee for Justice president Curt Levey responds to the latest example — the charge that Cruz is a hypocrite because he allegedly changed his position on an assault weapons ban.