March 01, 2013

Obama Administration Releases Detainees Because of Budget Cuts

As of midnight last night, the automatic budget cuts know as the sequester went into effect. Throughout the week, the administration has been building up a sense of emergency over the proposed 85 billion dollar cuts. As reported by the Washington Post,
The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it had released hundreds of illegal immigrants held in detention facilities, saying it could no longer afford to house them because of across-the-board cuts that are set to start taking effect Friday.
Instead of finding solutions and reducing waste, the administration has opted for political theater. Surely the Department of Justice could find other cost cutting measures without releasing detainees. The Obama Administration has busied itself with campaigning instead of finding solutions House Speaker John Boehner commented, 
“I don’t think the president’s focused on trying to find a solution to the sequester... The president has been traveling all over the country and today [is] going down to Newport News in order to use our military men and women as a prop in yet another campaign rally to support his tax hikes."