July 17, 2012

Vote ‘None’ in Nevada

President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney must grapple with the bubble beneath their balloted names in Nevada, which reads “none of these candidates.” Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that offers voters the unique alternative to any statewide candidate. The issue has gained recent attention as Republicans have filed a recent lawsuit to pull “none” off the ballot. The National Journal relays that “None” has impacted even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:
“In 1998, now-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid squeaked past Republican John Ensign by barely more than 400 votes in his reelection bid; 'none' tallied more than 8,000 votes that year." 
"'None' has even won some primary elections, albeit not recently. When 'none' wins, the second-place finisher is named the winner, and that is the crux of the GOP lawsuit, which argues that 'none' is disenfranchising Nevada voters.”
Republican Senator Dean Heller and Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkley will also likely keep a keen eye on the lawsuit as it may impact their fight for the Nevada senate seat this November.