July 12, 2012

Verrilli's Victory in Health Care Arguments

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, who argued the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act before the Supreme Court, appeared in a panel discussion yesterday at the Heritage Foundation. The solicitor general did his best not to “lord his Supreme Court wins over conservatives” at the Heritage event, but did make light of the criticism he received in March when many called out his stumbling during his oral arguments. Politico noted Verrilli's comments:
"'Thank you. I'm just going to take a sip of water here,'Verrilli said to considerable laughter from the crowd, evidently aware of reports that he literally choked a bit after taking a quick drink at the beginning of one of the argument sessions."
Verrilli’s in a more serious tone rejected criticism of Obama for having said publicaly that the justices would be departming from historic tradition if they struck down the health care law. He concluded, “I think the right course here is to assume that everybody involved here has acted with integrity because I do believe that to be the case.”