July 25, 2012

Patients Wanting Abortion Must Know Suicide Risk

Doctors in South Dakota must advise patients seeking abortions of the increased risk of suicidal thoughts, declared a federal appellate court on Tuesday. Although there is some “medical and scientific uncertainty” about the link between abortion and suicide, the court explained that the link hasn’t been ruled out and consequently it is relevant to a patient’s decision. The Wall Street Journal expounded on
the recent ruling:
"Planned Parenthood had argued that the South Dakota statute, which requires patients seeking an abortion to be advised of a heightened suicide risk, would 'burden abortion rights' and violate physicians’ First Amendment right to be free from compelled speech. 
"A U.S. District Court in South Dakota originally ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood, barring enforcement of the law… (But) has now reversed the South Dakota district court decision."