July 20, 2012

Gunman Kills 12 at ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Screening in Colorado

A gunman wearing a gas mask and a bullet proof vest set off an unknown gas and fired into a crowded midnight showing of the latest Batman movie; Police have reported 12 deaths and wounding 38. James Holmes, 24, has been identified as the shooter and was taken into police custody. ABC News has the story:
“The suspected 'lone-wolf' shooter of the Batman movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo. earlier today has been identified as PhD student James Holmes, who recently withdrew from his neuroscience studies at the Univesrity of Colorado before shooting up 'The Dark Knight Rises' screening. 
"Holmes, 24, moved to Aurora to pursue his PhD at the University of Colorado medical center, living just blocks from the hospital in an apartment that is now laced with explosives and being searched by Haz-Mat teams.”