June 26, 2012

Viewer’s Guide to Health Care Ruling

The Supreme Court will likely weigh in on President Obama’s health care reform Thursday at 10:00am. The flood of opinions, dissents and concurring judgments will undoubtedly result in a confusing outcome for a complex law. POLITICO has provided a viewer’s guide to help clarify the ruling:
"What is the court going to decide? There are four questions before the court. They are: 
• Is the individual mandate constitutional? 
• If the mandate is found to be unconstitutional, how much of the health reform law should go down with it? Or is the mandate “severable” — meaning it can be struck down by itself? 
• Is the health law’s Medicaid expansion constitutional? 
• Does a tax law prevent the court from even addressing the mandate issue now, before it goes into effect in 2014?"
Tune into SCOTUS Blog Thursday morning at 10:00am for a live feed of the Supreme Court's ruling.