May 25, 2012

Judge Sides with Motorist for Flashing Headlights

A judge in Sanford, FL ruled Tuesday that a man was lawfully exercising his First Amendment rights when he flashed his headlights to warn neighbors that a deputy had set up a speed trap nearby. Ryan Kinter has also filed a similar but broader lawsuit in Tallahassee against the Florida Highway Patrol. From the Orlando Sentinel:
“Each suit asked that police agencies be ordered to halt writing those tickets. The highway patrol stopped voluntarily, awaiting the outcome of the suit. So have the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and other agencies.
“In an interview in August, shortly after filing suit, Kintner said, ‘I felt an injustice was being done. … I have nothing against officers … keeping speeding down, but when you cross a line and get into free speech, I feel it's gone too far.’ "