June 04, 2012

Christie’s Bipartisan Appeal Takes Hit

Gov. Christie is often praised for reaching across the aisle and overlooking party differences. However, the New Jersey governor is facing criticism for his prolonged stalemate over his short-staffed Supreme Court, now missing two of its seven justices. Despite the bipartisan criticism Christie remains resolute, Matt Katz explains:
“The Democratic-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee has turned down two Christie nominees for the Supreme Court…They are the only gubernatorial nominees to the Supreme Court ever to be blocked by a Legislature under the modern-day constitution… 
“Christie said he refused ‘to be a petulant child who's going to go off and walk into the corner and say, 'Well, now I'm not going to work with you on anything else.'   
“Otherwise, he said, ‘any defeat you have becomes debilitating.’”