August 19, 2011

Obama Justice Dept: Moderates Need Not Apply

This month, Pajamas Media has run an excellent series of articles about the radical hiring practices of the Obama Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, including the Voting Section (here & here), Education Section, Special Litigation Section, and Immigration Office.

The series, authored by Hans von Spakovsky, J. Christian Adams and Richard Pollock, has unarguably demonstrated that
“[E]very single one of the career attorneys hired since Obama took office has a fringe leftist ideological bent and nearly all have overtly partisan pasts. Every single one. … Acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King rewrote hiring guidelines in 2009, resulting in hiring committee members being forced to toss any resume that did not describe a radical background.”
This from the same Democratic party that investigated and harassed the George W. Bush Administration for adding a little bit of ideological diversity to the Justice Department’s career attorney staff by hiring a handful of conservative lawyers.