July 21, 2011

No Obstruction of Minority Nominees

Today’s Politico reminds us of the Left’s fallacious claim that, thanks to Republicans, “the Senate has been particularly slow to confirm Obama’s diverse candidates.” For example, Caroline Fredrickson, executive director of the American Constitution Society, charges that
“The president has tried to diversify the federal bench, but this effort has hit a wall of Republican obstructionism in the Senate.”
Politico also presents the other side with this quote from me:
“In an attempt to play the race card, the left ignores the obvious fact that when you increase the percentage of female and minority nominees, you also necessarily increase the number women and minorities that get caught up in the myriad of practical and political delays typical of judicial nominations. If senators perceive that race and gender are becoming more important in the selection process than finding the most qualified nominee, that can also add to the delays.”