July 21, 2010

Tea Party & Why Kagan is Unpopular

In a RedState post, CFJ Executive Director Curt Levey explains why a cartoon in today’s Washington Post accusing the tea party movement of racism is grounded in ignorance of the Constitution and the civil rights movement.

And in an op-ed at the Daily Caller, Levey explores the reasons why public support for Elena Kagan is at a historical low for a Supreme Court nominee headed for confirmation. He argues that Kagan’s unpopularity has much to do with her positions on the issues that dominate the public debate about her nomination. On these issues – gun rights, gay rights, partial birth abortion, and the like – polls show that Kagan is on the wrong side of the American people by large margins. Levey concludes that “the chasm between Kagan and the American people on a host of hot-button issues presents a valuable electoral opportunity for the GOP.”