June 28, 2010

Dionne: Progressive Judging Means Always Ruling Against Corporations

E.J. Dionne has a column out today that is completely intellectually void. His argument boils down to: 1) corporations are bad; 2) the Supreme Court should always rule against them; 3) that is true Progressive judging.

One thing oddly missing from Dionne's columns is any discussion of the law. It is all a discussion of which party should win. The people, whatever that even means, are good and corporations, including Exxon!!!, are bad. That should be the end of discussion according to Dionne. No actual discussion of any cases. No critique of any opinions. Just pure identity politics. If this wasn't written by such a prominent progressive columnist, I would have confused it with a satirical take on the progressive judicial philosophy.

There is also a lot of handwringing about corporate influence, which is a bit ironic considering the corporatism being practiced by the current, progressive occupier of the White House. But I will leave that critique for another day.