April 21, 2010

Is Diane Wood the Public Option?

I have been cruising some lefty sites to see who is being talked about to replace Justice Stevens, and I came across this interesting analogy from Glenn Greenwald.
If one were to analogize the search for Justice Stevens' replacement to the recently concluded health care debate, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Diane Wood would be the public option. Just as the truly left-wing health care approach (a single-payer system) was eliminated from consideration before the process even began, so, too, have the truly left-wing candidates to replace Justice Stevens (Pam Karlan, Harold Koh) been ruled out as "not viable." As a result, the moderate-progressive compromises (i.e., the public option for health care and Diane Wood for Stevens' replacement) are falsely depicted as some sort of liberal extremism, merely because they're the least conservative options allowed to be considered.
I would expect this analogy to gain traction with the far left. For context, here is Greenwald's preventative strike against Kagan.