February 11, 2010

ObamaCare is Trial Lawyers’ Dream

In an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal, CFJ Executive Director Curt Levey discusses an aspect of health care reform that deserves more attention, namely the flood of litigation that is likely to occur if Obamacare is enacted and survives challenges to its constitutionality.

“That means more money wasted on attorney fees, physicians focused on legal rather than medical considerations, and growing delays in our already-overburdened courts,” warns Mr. Levey. Moreover, he concludes, the “litigation will put Americans’ health in the hands of federal judges who will effectively write health care policy as they divine the meaning of thousands of pages of statutory language and accompanying regulations.” To those who point to socialized medicine in Europe as evidence that ObamaCare won’t be a disaster, Levey responds that “The uniquely American combination of bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and judges running our health care system will prove more costly and deadly than anyone can imagine.”