July 24, 2009

Obama's 90% Lie on Assault Wepons

One line of reasoning the Dems use to increase gun restrictions is that 90% of the guns used in Mexican dug cartel violence come from legal gun sellers in America.  As Bob Owens reports, that is only true if by 90% they really mean 8%.

"The myth that legal guns sales in the United States are responsible for Mexican drug cartel violence took another serious blow last week when an ATF official testified in Congress that only eight percent of weapons recovered in Mexico came through licensed U.S. gun dealers. ...

Both Mexican President Felipe Calderón and American President Barack Obama have tried to claim that 90 percent of the firearms used by Mexican drug cartels originate in the United States. These claims have been echoed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and his assistants, liberal members of both houses of Congress, and a reliably anti-gun media. They hoped to use the shocking statistic to lay the groundwork for a reinstatement of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban that expired in 2004. ...

Eight percent is a far cry from the 90 percent that the administration had been wanting to claim, and considering that there are more than 6,600 licensed dealers in the border region, it means (statistically speaking) just over one gun per licensed dealer has found it’s way across the border."

My guess is the Obama administration won't let the facts get in the way of their attempt to severely narrow individual rights under the 2nd Amendment.