July 30, 2009

Harry Reid criticizes GOP senators

As Christina's already mentioned, the LA Times applauded those senators who voted "yes" on Sotomayor, while trashing the senators who voted "no", claiming they engaged in "tit-for-tat pettiness" and succumbed to party politics. Nevermind that the democratic senators also all voted along party lines- a fact that seems to have escaped the LA Times. What's truly infuriating is that the LA Times is criticizing Republican senators for basing their votes on petty things such as party politics, and not substantial issues such as Sotomayor's actual record and judicial philosophy. At the same time, the LA Times praises senators who vote "yes" on Sotomayor, even if they are doing so based on partisan politics.

Dem. Senator Harry Reid is a perfect example of this double standard. He has been very open about his support for Sotomayor, something the LA Times would applaud him for. This is the same Harry Reid who recently warned that Republicans risk losing votes by opposing Sotomayor (one would think that this sort of party politics-based argument would be deemed petty as well). This is the same Harry Reid who publicly stated that he has never read a single one of Sotomayor's opinions, and if he was lucky, he wouldn't have to. From this we can assume that the Senator knows little to nothing about her actual record. Therefore, he must be doing one of the following:

a. Supporting her because he doesn't want to lose votes.
b. Supporting her because she is a liberal.
c. Blindly supporting her.

And yet, he is the one dishing out criticism. I guess the LA Times would at least give him points for his "intellectual honesty" -admitting that he has no plans to learn anything about the woman he is about to place on the Supreme Court for life.