May 27, 2009

Using Sotomayor to Define Obama

The Democrats have the numbers to make a Sotomayor confirmation all but inevitable, but Ed Morrissey picks up on another opportunity that her nomination affords the GOP.
"The Republicans have an opportunity with Sotomayor that doesn’t involve knocking her off the court.  They have an opportunity to use the hearings to show Sotomayor as a routine appellate jurist with a spotty record who got elevated to this position as an act of political hackery by a President who couldn’t care less about his responsibilities to find the best and brightest for the job.  Like many of Obama’s other appointments, it demonstrates a lack of executive talent and intellectual curiosity on his part.  This appointment makes an argument for more Republicans in the Senate after the midterms, if for no other reason than to force Obama to start putting a little effort in making his nominations."
While the merits of his point can be argued, it should show the GOP that, regardless of their feelings on the potential outcome, they need to thoroughly vet Sotomayor.  From the looks of it they need all the reasons they can get.