May 13, 2009

Sessions Sets Course for GOP

Jeff Sessions, ranking Republican on the Judiciary, laid out his plan for addressing Obama's judicial nominees in today's Washington Post.
"If President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court a highly qualified individual with a distinguished record that demonstrates judicial restraint, integrity and a commitment to the rule of law, his nominee will be welcomed in the Senate and by the American people.

But if the president nominates an individual who will allow personal preferences and political views to corrupt his or her decision making, he will put before the public a central question: Are we willing to trade America's heritage of a fair and neutral judiciary -- anchored in the rule of written law that applies equally to all people -- for a high court composed of robed politicians who apply the law differently based on their personal feelings toward a particular person or issue?

The Republicans' role in the Senate's exercise of its constitutional power to advise and consent will be to see that fair and rigorous hearings determine whether the president has selected a nominee who respects the Constitution or one who intends to rewrite it. The consequences of this question cannot be overstated. Only five justices are needed to declare the meaning of the Constitution, thereby potentially dictating huge changes to our nation's economy, culture and law."
Senator Sessions went on to lay out four characteristics that a potential nominee should possess: commitment to the law, integrity, legal expertise and judicial temperament.  If the GOP sticks with these issues then they can make a compelling case to the American people should Obama appoint a far-left idealogue a la Dawn Johnson.