May 21, 2009

Reason Symposium: Replacing Justice Souter

Reason Magazine has posted an online symposium on replacing Justice Souter. The symposium's libertarian panelists include: Radley Balko, Alan Gura, Wendy Kaminer, Manuel Klausner, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Walter Olson, Roger Pilon, Glenn Reynolds, Damon W. Root, Ilya Shapiro, Harvey Silverglate, Ilya Somin, and Jacob Sullum. The panalists were each asked the following four questions:
Who should Barack Obama nominate for the Supreme Court and why?

Who will Obama nominate and why?

Obama says that his ideal Supreme Court justice would have the "empathy" to identify with society's downtrodden. Do you agree with his criteria?

What issue(s) will dominate the court over the next three years and why?
Interesting to get a bit of a different take from the right on the Souter replacement.